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Libra Tours and Transport CC (est. 2001), a wholly African owned tour operator, offers safe and affordable tours. We began in 2001 with just the knowledge of nature and wildlife as well as the different cultures and now we have scheduled tours for not too large groups to offer an enjoyable experience.
Libra Tours is one of the tour companies in Africa that will go the extra mile in ensuring your experience of Africa will be a memorable one. We are well known and respected as a professional and legitimate operation for 16 years.
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Namibia - Tours

If you are interested in Namibia-’The Smile on the Face of Africa’,
You should have the right people here, with an unforgettable experience in the fantastic wildlife, wild landscapes and the people in the outback.
With expert guides. They penetrate with you on our adventure trip through Namibia in the most beautiful corners of the country before: in the endless expanse of the Namib, in the dense bushes of Damaraland and in the dunes of Sossusvlei, where the bare trees in the changing light of the sun are frozen into bizarre and beautiful works of art, and building bridges with the ethnic groups, we meet on the road: For example, the Himba , who are perfectly adapted to the desert and savannah regions of Namibia over the centuries and today still practice mysterious ancestor cultures and rites.
We stay at campsites or hotels and lodges, so your tour through Namibia is a relaxed experience - adventurous and memorable close to nature. Sitting around the campfire in the evening sand enjoy the bush kitchen over an open fire or buffet dinner under the night sky, then we feel the relaxed atmosphere of Namibia!

Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls Tour

Discover on this tour starting in Namibia, then Botswana and Victoria Falls, the unique nature and wildlife of these three fascinating countries.
Herds of elephants roaming in Chobe National Park, the stunning river landscapes of the Okavango Delta, the ‘Smoke that Thunders’, Victoria Falls or the endless abundance of animals in Etosha National Park are just a few highlights on this tour. In addition to the highlights we experience many secrets as the Mudumu- and the Mahango National Park. So you can really have the opportunity to see the Big Five in the national parks and the people, for example the unique Himba’s are unforgettable.
In the nights we rely equally on lodges or tents. So we go with some comfort and stress free without losing the adventurous nature of the tour: Unforgettable, in between to enjoy the campfire and sleep in tents u-nder the starry African night sky.

Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland Tour

This tour combines the land of unrelenting sun, where the ground seems to beg the heavens for rain, and the landscapes stretch uninterrupted for hundreds of kilometres on end. Deserts where one gazes in wonder and amazement at the animals and plants that survive in this harsh environment, with South Africa a haven of spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, diverse cultures and first world norms, topped with a healthy and invigorating climate. These qualities make it an adventure not to be missed. This tour covers all of the highlights of central and southern Namibia, South Africa, the Garden Route, Swaziland the Mountain Kingdom and naturally the famous Kruger National Park. Boasting climatic differences from searing hot desert to snow-capped peaks, and varied cultures, from the primitive Bushman to the most Western of ways.
We visit the highlights, and overnight stops are mostly at Lodges in pristine reserves where extensive conservation and game introduction projects have created truly unique accommodations and surroundings. The tour requires a certain amount of flexibility and an adventurous mentality. The Mpumalanga area is one of great contrast, bordered in the west by the towering escarpment with lush indigenous forests, crystal-clear streams and plunging waterfalls, and then falling away into the flat Lowveld bushveld, home to one of the richest diversities of fauna and flora in the world.
Exceptional Tours within Namibia as well as to Botswana, Zambia, South Africa and Swaziland
We offer group tours (max 10pax) as well as individual tailor-made tours. Our tours are camping and lodging or just lodging according to your needs. We mostly make use of affordable three star accommodation. We also offer airport transfer services and tour planning for your self-drive tour, as well as bookings, in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Travelling Southern Africa you need to know the importance of making use of a responsible and knowledgeable tour operator.


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